Our Atown Aframe Guest Bathroom Remodel Plans

We have 2 bathrooms in our house, one downstairs and one in the master bedroom upstairs. The downstairs bathroom is actually a good size, but currently we don't feel like it's living up to it's potential. The drop ceiling above the shower will be moved up to make that area taller, the tub will most likely extend from wall to wall without a weird alcove, we will be doing a 1/2 glass shower wall (because I hate shower curtains and shower doors), and overall getting a big facelift. Here are the before photos of what we are working with:

Here's our inspiration board. I really wanted the downstairs bathroom to be bright, airy and inviting.

For the vanity, we plan to do a wood vanity (Adam will be making it). We are opting for a wall mounted faucet (in both bathrooms), to give ourselves more space, since you don't have to leave room for the faucet on the counter. It also means easier water cleanup since the faucet is on the wall. Finding wall mounted faucets is hard enough, but you add in brass and not wanting to spend a ton of money, and your options are slim. I kept finding the same Kohler one over and over at the price of $500. I couldn't bring myself to spend that much, so luckily I found the brass faucets below for half that, $250. For the main wall of bathroom, we are doing this gold wallpaper from Anthropologie, which is going to make a fun statement! To go along with that, I have a round, brass Target mirror and I'll be painting existing lights that came with the house black, and hanging them on either side of the mirror. For our tile choices, we are going to do a small white hex tile all around the tub and these larger grey hex tiles for the floor. 

Lastly, we are making the vanity and counters extend from the wall to as close to the toilet as we can get. I came from a house with a vanity that didn't touch the wall and I hated it, so that won't be happening this time!

Downstairs Bathroom.jpg