Our Atown Aframe Guest Bathroom Remodel Plans

We have 2 bathrooms in our house, one downstairs and one in the master bedroom upstairs. The downstairs bathroom is actually a good size, but we didn’t feel like it's living up to it's potential. Here are the before photos of what we are working with:

Here's our inspiration board. I really wanted the downstairs bathroom to be bright, airy and inviting.

So here’s what we did:

  1. A Wall Mounted Faucet: What I love about wall mounted faucets is that it means easier water cleanup since the faucet is on the wall. Finding wall mounted faucets is hard, but you add in brass and not wanting to crazy over budget, and your options are slim. I kept finding the same Kohler one over and over at the price of $500. I couldn't bring myself to spend that much, so luckily I found the Delta brass faucets below for half that, $250.

  2. Wallpaper: For the sink wall of bathroom, we are doing this white, black and gold wallpaper from Anthropologie, which is going to make a fun statement! I’ve always wanted to put wallpaper somewhere, and I was excited to use it in our bathroom!

  3. New mirror: I have a round, brass Target mirror that used to hang in our old entry way that I’m now using for our bathroom. This Target mirror is much cheaper then the ones you see from West Elm or CB2 but still looks great!

  4. Light fixture: We bought a modern black light fixture from Etsy. We didn’t think we totally needed two light fixtures again like the old bathroom had, and 1 is cheaper then 2!

  5. Custom vanity: We wanted to utilize all the space we had between the toilet and the wall and fill it with the vanity. My biggest bathroom pet peeve is when there is a gap between the vanity and the wall because 1) it’s a waist of space and 2) I always drop things down there. Because of this weird wall we have in the bathroom and wanting do a floating vanity, we had to go custom. We had our same kitchen cabinet guy build us bathroom vanities and we love them! We wanted a light wood floating vanity in a certain size, which made it impossible to buy one off the shelf.

  6. Removed the wall of built ins: At first I was sad to see the wall of built in cabinets go. It was SO much storage, but it really did make the bathroom feel small and left you with no place for a towel bar. Since we knew we were transforming the water heater closet right outside in the hallway into a storage closet, we decide loosing this cabinet wasn’t a huge deal. Sadly the old cabinet left some marks on our wood ceiling, so we are going to put a cabinet back up there but just near the ceiling to store things we don’t use often.

  7. Tile: We opted for a grey oblong hex tile for the floor. I surprisingly found it at Home Depot and knew we had to use it for the bathroom. I knew with the wallpaper we couldn’t do a patterned tile, so I loved that this was still a fun shape and loved the textured look of it as well. For the tub we chose an oversized subway tile but running vertically instead of horizontally and stacked instead of staggered. We originally planned to do the small hex white tile, but I feel like it’s overdone and I just wasn’t going to be happy with it. I’m MUCH happier with the modern look of the vertical white tiles!

  8. Glass doors: For our shower doors we did it as simple and plain as possible. We opted for no towel bar on the doors to keep it looking cleaner and we did black trim to go along with the wallpaper.

  9. Dropped ceiling: There was a dropped ceiling above the tub in the old bathroom because of pipes that run across but it was dropped down much lower then it needed to be. After we had some plumbing work done, Adam built a new dropped ceiling that is now higher and we are putting a new recessed light in there as well.

  10. Window: We bought black framed windows for all the rooms and this window was already this size, so we just swapped it out for this new one.

  11. Tub: Just like finding a good deal on a wall mounted faucet, it was really hard to find a good deal on a modern tub. Like why do all tubs have weird lines and indents?! Finally we found this tub that wasn’t crazy expensive and didn’t have anything too crazy as far as detailing. I wanted a plain sided tub and this one has one indent line, but for the price it was fine.

  12. Accessorize: For accessories for this bathroom I chose golds, black, and greens. We did a brass towel bar, brass pulls on the vanity, black and brass soap dispenser, and green and white palm leaf towels. I brought in some vintage goblets too to hold things like qtips and cotton balls. I thought this pop of green was fun since the room had so much white, grey and gold. We bought a white and black bath mat, but are opting to keep that in the cabinet when the tub isn’t being used. I just love the floor in there and want it exposed haha.