Prepping for your annual "christmas card" photos!

Every year we do photos, partly for our holiday card and partly just to document the time in our life. Here are some tips to consider when prepping your outfits for your photos!

1. I don't like to dress for Fall/Winter, or make it look like its a particular season. If you're like me, you only get professional photos done once a year, so I like to keep my outfits neutral looking, to then be able to use those photos for other things. 

2. Color, texture, and pattern are important in making an image pop. Find clothes that have a fun print, or add a cool necklace. Even consider getting a flower crown made or having your hair and makeup done.

3. Both of you (or all of you if you have a family) shouldn't wear the same color denim pants. Mix it up and wear different color pants if you feel like need to both wear pants.

4. Dress for your photos how you would normally dress when going to do something fun with your friends. You want to look like yourself in photos, so don't wear a boring outfit for photos if you normally love something a bit more bold.

5. Ask for suggestions from your photographer, as they should have some good advice on what to wear based on the location of your photos.

6. Bring along your fur babies too!

7. Plan on 2 different outfits each. It's good to mix it up and have the options later on for different photos with different outfits. 


Outfit details from the top, from our last few years of photos.

1. Danielle: Lace bell bottoms from Broken Down Clothing, graphic tank from Obey, necklace from Icing, hat from Think Elysian // Adam: RVCA shirt from Mountain Air Sports, jeans from Levi's, Vans shoes (photos by Jen Rodriguez)

2. Danielle: Floral print dress from a thrift store, belt from Forever 21, shoes from Steve Madden, flower crown from Wilder Floral Co. // Adam: denim shirt from J.Crew, corduroy pants from Levi's, Clarks shoes (photos by Jen Rodriguez

3. Danielle: Teal shirt from Forever 21, sequin jacket borrowed from a friend, white destroyed denim pants from Target, sandals from Target, handmade geode necklaces from a friend // Adam: RVCA button up, Clarks shoes, Levi jeans (photos by Jessica Burke)

4. Danielle: Floral print dress from a thrift store, Free People sweater, Steve Madden boots, Forever 21 necklace // Free People long sleeve shirt, Madewell pants, Target sandals // Adam: Levi's jeans, Nike shoes, L.L. Bean shirt // J.Crew shirt, Levi's corduroy pants, Clarks shoes (photos by Jen Rodriguez)