On Our Holiday Wish List This Year...

Christmas and your birthday are great times to ask for items you want, but don't want to spend the money on for yourself. Use this as a tool to get the perfect new pieces for your wardrobe. We've learned that the more people know what you want, the more likely they will pick out an item on their own later on, if they feel the need to get you a gift. Make it known what your style is, clothing stores and brands you like, and then people will get you pieces you actually want to wear! What clothing items are on your wish list this year? xoxo, danielle & alexa

Danielle's holiday wish list: This year I'm wanting accessories, sweaters, and leggings, which can be worn and layered all year. I'm loving more neutrals and golds, so that's what you'll see below. Leather and sequin leggings are on my list, as well as open toed booties. The one thing I'm really hoping for is this amazing dark blue and rose gold Marc Jacobs watch, it's seriously killer. Fingers crossed! So this year when people ask you want you want for Christmas, tell them clothes and accessories :)

Alexa's holiday wish list: The holidays are the perfect time to ask for all of those clothing items you've been eyeing! this season I'm really into prints and mixing them with the basic staple items in my closet! I'm usually not into wearing black but have been wanting black booties for some time now, so I added those to my list too! A small purse is another must have for me since all of my current purses are huge and end up storing so much junk! Lastly, every season I love getting new holiday jammies and these thermal ones look so cozy!