Our Atown Aframe Master Bathroom Remodel Plans

I'm really excited about our master bathroom remodel!! As you can see in the photos, the current layout has the shower on the left and a 1 sink vanity on the right along with the toilet. I'd ALWAYS dreamed of a double vanity in our future home, because let's be honest, it's much easier to have two sinks as a married couple. So my first thought was how can we make that happen. We took some measurements and made the decision to flip the toilet to the shower wall, making the shower slightly smaller which allows for a wall to wall double vanity on the other side. Because of the tight space in here, we are again doing wall mounted faucets as well as a curbless shower. This allows for a few extra inches of shower floor space as well as a seamless transition from the shower to the floor making it feel bigger in there. 

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